Lever espresso machine vs Pump: which is better?

In most bars and clubs we see pump-operated coffee machines, including models of significant sizes that can prepare a considerable amount of good quality coffee.

However, everyone will have seen at least once more compact machines equipped with a long lever that the most experienced baristas use to prepare a coffee of the highest quality: we are obviously talking about lever espresso machines.

How do lever espresso machines differ from pump espresso machines? Why should we prefer one over the other? Let's find out together in the next article.

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Lever versus pump espresso machines: the differences

Before analyzing the main differences between a lever espresso machine and a pump espresso machine, let's briefly observe the main characteristic of the former, namely the long lever that characterizes it.

Through this lever, in fact, the user has the ability to control the pressure of the water that passes through the brew.

This phase is of course fundamental for the preparation of a good espresso, which will take place in a totally manual way through the lever.

If you are interested in discovering the secrets related to the operation of this machine in more detail, you can read our article that explains in detail what a lever espresso coffee machine is and how it works.

Returning to the brewing process, however, it is important to emphasize that in pump-operated espresso coffee machines the water pressure passes through the brew in an automated manner, thanks to the action of the pump.

The choice of an automatic preparation is not necessarily negative: in fact with this solution even a less experienced barista will be able to prepare an excellent coffee.

Lever or pump espresso machines: the quality of espresso 

According to a common belief, the coffee produced by a lever espresso coffee is in any case always better than that prepared by a pump machine.

In fact, it is not always guaranteed that the coffee prepared with the lever machine is of superior quality. In fact, it should be remembered that in this case the process is 100% in the hands of the user: if they are attentive and focused, they can actually make a coffee of unparalleled quality.

In all other cases, however, even a well-made pump coffee machine will be able to produce a tasty espresso.

Lever espresso machines: the pleasure of tradition

However, there is an advantage that remains undeniably linked to lever espresso machines: the pleasure of preparation.

In the Neapolitan culture, in fact, coffee is not simply a drink, but a true tradition to be enjoyed at every step.

Preparation is an essential step in this rite, and the experienced user derives as much satisfaction from this phase as we all experience when enjoying an excellent espresso.

With the lever machine, therefore, it is possible to manage the creation of coffee in a 100% manual way, and this aspect will allow us to fully live the complete rite of tradition.

With Leva S.A., Nurri offers its customers a coffee machine that is capable of combining the mechanical efficiency of the modern era with the culture of tradition, all with a 'made in Italy' design that makes the machine an authentic design piece.

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