What is the difference between a traditional lever espresso machine and a spring-lever espresso machine?

The coffee machine scene has always been characterised by models with very different aesthetic and functional characteristics.

Over time, in fact, only imagination has placed limits on the creativity of designers who have developed increasingly innovative methods for preparing coffee.

When it comes to tradition, it is a well-known fact, nothing beats the performance of a lever model. If you want to know specifically how a lever espresso machine works, we invite you to read the dedicated guide.

Even with the same type of machine, for example, there are significant differences that it is important to analyse in detail.
The presence of an additional spring in a lever espresso machine may seem trivial, but, on the contrary, it involves a very different way of preparing coffee for the barista.

The question then arises: what are the differences between a traditional lever espresso machine and a spring-lever one? In addition to the technical aspects, what really changes for the barista in terms of everyday operations?

Let's find out together in the article.

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Traditional and spring lever espresso machines: what are the differences

As the word itself suggests, the main difference between a traditional and a spring model lies precisely in the presence of a spring that supports the action of the lever.

This detail, as mentioned above, may seem almost irrelevant, however, when you consider the role of the lever in the preparation of the infusion, it becomes clear that the support of the spring has a central impact.

On the other hand, however, this assistance partly reduces the authentic feeling of the lever in the operator's hand, thus limiting the fundamental sensations for the 100% manual creation of a traditional espresso.

For these reasons, we can conclude that, in most cases, spring models are recommended for baristas who, accustomed to automatic models, decide to start using a lever machine: in this case, in fact, the assistance of the spring will make the learning process easier.

For the more experienced, however, there is no doubt: the traditional lever espresso machine is the perfect tool for making a coffee 100% in line with the rules of tradition.

The use of this model, in fact, does not only allow full respect for tradition, it is above all much more challenging for the barista who, with no help of any kind, must throw themselves fully into the preparation of coffee, just like an artist in the creation of a painting.

The preparation of coffee therefore becomes an authentic ritual, to be enjoyed in every little gesture and in every stage.

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