7 Must-have Accessories for the Home Espresso Machine

Making espresso coffee at home represents for many experts and enthusiasts a true ritual, an important moment of the day in which enjoying a tasty cup of coffee represents only the last step of a process that begins with grinding the beans.

To appreciate each step of this experience, it is first necessary to own and know how to best use a premium espresso machine: through quality materials and a particularly optimized design: professional models such as our Nurri Leva S.A., for example, manage to take advantage of the most advanced technologies while allowing you to prepare coffee in full respect of tradition.

However, to do a workmanlike job it is not enough to equip yourself with the top models: in fact, if you want to make the most of each machine, you will also need to get the best accessories to do a workmanlike job.

But what are the must-have tools to go with your top-of-the-line machine?

Let's take a look together at the 5 must-have accessories that will enable you to do your best work.

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 The best accessories

Below we find a list of the most common accessories among true espresso lovers. Establishing which of these are the most important would be misleading: in fact, the advice is to use them together to achieve the best results.

Espresso press

An espresso press is an essential tool for firmly packing ground coffee into the filter basket of your espresso machine. This ensures even extraction and delicious, full-bodied espresso coffee.

Espresso cups

Espresso cups are an essential accessory for any espresso lover. They are generally smaller than regular coffee cups and are designed to hold a single shot of espresso. This allows you to see the rich, golden crema on top of the espresso and fully appreciate the depth of flavor.

Coffee scales

A coffee scale is a great tool for measuring the precise amount of coffee and water needed to brew the perfect cup of espresso. This ensures consistency and will help you experiment with different recipes to find your favorite flavor.

Knock Box

A knock box is a convenient accessory for disposing of used coffee grounds. It is designed to hold the portafilter and allow you to easily dispose of used coffee grounds. This helps keep your work area clean and tidy.

 Water filter

The quality of the water you use can deeply affect the flavor of your espresso. Using a water filter can helremove impurities and improve the taste of your coffee, while also helping to reduce mineral buildup in your espresso machine and extend its life.

Espresso grinder

A good quality espresso grinder is essential to achieve the perfect grind for coffee beans. An uneven grinsize can lead to uneven extraction and poor taste, so investing on a professional-quality grinder will ensure you get a perfect grind every time.

 Cleaning products

Finally, it is essential to keep your espresso machine clean and well maintained to ensure the best possible coffee flavor. Invest on a good quality cleaning brush, cleaning pads or powder, and a limescale remover to keep your machine running smoothly.

Where to buy espresso machine accessories

Espresso machine accessories can be purchased from many stores including online, however it is importanto always check the quality of the products.

Poor accessories could lead to reliability problems, or irrecoverably spoil the quality of the coffee, ruining the whole experience of the brewing process. Therefore, it is always recommended to use serious and reliable dealers.

After all, having these accessories on hand at all times will allow you to further improve your skills, creating barista-quality coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen. With a little practice and experimentation, you will be able to perfect your technique and create the perfect cup of espresso every time. So rely on these useful accessories and never go back.

Always attentive to every detail, Nurri makes models with special attention to design with first-rate materials.

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