Leva S.A. coffee machine

We come from the land where the lever machine is a must, a symbol, a cult.

A land where it has never been subject to fashions, but simply represented quality espresso coffee. We are talking about Naples, of course.
We could not but start from our most fascinating tradition to create a small jewel dedicated to those who know how to appreciate coffee in its smallest nuances, savor its nuances, share its pleasure.
L-TYPE LEVA S.A. is a professional machine. Yes.
But it is designed for those who want to enjoy quality espresso at home, making it with the same passion and competence of a professional bartender.
The innovations we made to the lever group allow optimal extraction of your coffee: we made the ritual linked to the preparation of your cup of espresso simple, safe and fun.
Take control and drive your coffee during the extraction thanks to the Servo Assisted Lever, the real innovation that is in the patent phase, which allows you to perform more functions using the Side Paddles, during the 18 seconds in which the fate of your career as a professional bartender will be decided :)
But there is much more: controlled and stable temperature, preheating shortened to a quarter of the time required by other machines on the market, elimination of critical points that require continuous assistance for wear such as the fill valve.
The design is minimal and functional: nothing is left to chance. There is nothing more and nothing less than what is really needed: the beauty of simplicity.
The materials are real, alive, impressive and make beauty their plus.
An object, in practice, that will furnish your corner bar in an elegant and precious way, whether in your living room or in your fashion atelier or professional studio.
L-TYP LEVA S.A. And you will be a pro!


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