How to use a lever espresso machine: best practice and tips

Espresso lever machines are the preferred choice of true coffee lovers.

These models allow for precise and efficient control while brewing, guaranteeing extreme satisfaction every time, as the operators find themselves able to make professional quality coffee.

Once reserved for high-end bars and cafes, lever espresso machines have also become very common in the homes of those who want to enjoy a coffee made according to the true canons of tradition.

However, not everyone is perfectly knowledgeable and prepared when it comes to making an espresso with this type of machine (if you don't know about these models, read our article to find out what a lever machine is and how it works).

Indeed, lever models are more complex to handle than their automatic counterparts and in order to make an optimal coffee it is necessary to master a series of techniques, tricks and secrets that only experts know.

The question then arises: how do you use a lever espresso machine with in an appropriate way? Discover the tips and tricks in our article.

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How do you use a lever espresso machine?

Before answering this question, we need to take a step back and look at the basics of how this model works.

The fundamental principle is, of course, identical to that of all coffee machines: a heater brings the water to the right temperature, then pressure pushes it through the ground coffee beans. The result is the brew that we all love and know: espresso.

The substantial difference between a lever machine and an automatic one lies precisely in the way the water passes through the brew: in the case of the former this is automatically adjusted through a pump, while in the latter the pressure is controlled entirely by hand by using a lever.

Keeping these differences in mind is essential to fully understanding how the machine operates, and therefore mastering the techniques and secrets necessary to perfect your skills.

How to use a lever espresso machine

Once we've grasped the theory behind these models we can understand that there are essentially three fundamental factors to be taken into account in order to make a good coffee:

  • the water pressure
  • the water temperature
  • the density obtained by pressing

If we want to make a coffee according to traditional criteria, we will first have to master handling the lever perfectly to regulate the pressure of the water as it goes through the brew.

The secret to keep in mind is that there is no real rule: as it passes through the pressed coffee, the water can encounter a different degree of resistance due to the thickness of the grounds and also depending on the degree of pressing.

The operator must always use their skills to find the right degree of pressure on the lever to achieve the best possible brew.

Of course, the creation of a truly high quality coffee depends on the grinding of the coffee and the density obtained with the pressing. Excessively compact coffee can make it difficult for the water to pass through, resulting in a drink that is too dense or, in the worst cases, no drink at all.

Over time, therefore, it is necessary to find the right touch by learning to grind the coffee correctly and then pressing it properly so as to create the conditions for a perfect espresso.

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