What is the best type of espresso machine?

Espresso is a passion that unites numerous countries across the world.
This tradition began in Italy over 50 years ago and soon became popular throughout different cultures and nations thanks to the brew's beneficial properties and the unmistakable taste.

It is therefore not surprising to observe that an increasing number of brands have begun to produce machines dedicated to making espresso to conquer slices of the market.

The technological innovations being made include "smart" models that can connect to your phone so they can even be managed remotely, however, in many cases the traditional values that lead to the production of high quality machines have been lost .

In fact, only a few brands have concentrated their efforts on continuing to develop their models with full respect for tradition, implementing new technologies and, at the same time, employing the highest quality materials (if you want to know more, read our article dedicated to the best coffee machines).

All this is done without losing sight of the main focus linked to the production of these models: making a high quality espresso.

If you want to find out which brands continue to produce the best machines, keep reading this article.

Tradition, technology and Made in Italy design.

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Which type of espresso machine is the best?

Before seeing the best brands, however, you need to take a step back and understand what constitutes the best type of espresso machine.

With automatic, semi-automatic and lever models it can be difficult to untangle all the options but, understanding the main differences allows us to decide which model is best for us.

As you can guess, automatic models are the easiest to use.

An automatically controlled pump regulates the transfer of water into the pressed, ground coffee. This model is the ideal choice for all those who want to enjoy an espresso without worries or effort: you can make your own coffee by just pressing a button.

However, this  does not allow you to enjoy the process of creating a coffee to the full. As such, you also miss out on the possibility of making a coffee that you've personally crafted down to every last detail.

To get closer to this result, a semi-automatic model is certainly the ideal choice. Semi-automatic models are lever machines supported by a spring-loaded pump. The action of the lever, which regulates the flow of water, is thus assisted by the action of the spring, which facilitates the operator during the coffee making process.

These models, which are situated halfway between the automatic and manual options, represent a winning option for those who want to learn how to manage a manual lever model after switching from an automatic one.

Finally, there are manual lever models. These machines bring joy to true coffee fans and professionals: using a long lever, it is possible to manage the flow of water completely manually while creating the brew.
As such, this choice is perfect for everyone who wants to make a coffee that is entirely the product of their own abilities.

The best espresso machine brands

As we mentioned, espresso machines are now produced all over the world because of the drink's great success.

But, if you want to make a real coffee that is 100% respectful of tradition, there are no doubts: the best choice is an Italian brand.

Indeed, espresso was created in Italy and Italian brands are custodians of this tradition. This also applies to the creation of machines with a high profile in terms of the mechanics, concept and design.

Nurri, a leading company in the production of high-quality coffee machines for several years, has created a series of professional-level models also intended for domestic use.

Its models have different features to meet every type of need, but all of them share common aspects such as:

  • state-of-the-art design
  • very high quality materials (wood, steel, etc.)
  • premium Italian design

In fact, Nurri's espresso machines are not only highly efficient when it comes to function, they are also extremely pleasing to the eye aesthetically: they are small masterpieces of design to be proudly displayed in your homes.

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