What is the best lever machine for espresso?

Lever espresso machines rank among the most highly appreciated by true enthusiasts.
These models may not be the fastest and certainly aren't the easiest to use (if you are interested, read our guide on how to use a lever espresso machine).

However, their advantage over pump models is clear and unquestionable: thanks to the large manual lever, the operator can have direct control over the blend of the brew, crafting a new espresso every time like a true artisan.

This advantage is obviously lacking in pump machines, which, despite being excellent coffee machines, cannot guarantee operators the same level of control.

The main differences between the two types of machines having been highlighted, now is a natural point to ask the question: what is the best lever machine for espresso?

Answering this question is not always straightforward: there are several factors to consider, including the quality of the materials, the level of engineering and, of course, the design.

Let's look at these aspects together to determine which lever espresso machine is the best.

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The best lever espresso machine manufacturers

Espresso, as we all know, is a drink that was created in Italy, but which soon won over the taste buds of many nations.

As such, it is not surprising to see many brands around the world making lever espresso machines that are capable of producing good quality models that are potentially suitable for the needs of those who want to try to make a coffee that is 100% compliant with the traditional rules for the first time.

However, if you are wondering who produces the best lever espresso machines so you can bring home an excellent model, there can be no doubt: seek out an Italian brand.

Italy is in fact the homeland of espresso, which is a guarantee when it comes to high-quality machines for making it.

Each model is engineered using brilliant ideas to create efficient, robust products that can last for a long time and, above all, make a great coffee.


The quality of the final result is also closely linked to the quality of the raw materials used, and in this sense Italian products are second to none: you will find high-grade steel and wood, and above all high mechanical precision that ensures the creation of small masterpieces for making coffee, which thereby allow you to savor all their quality every time you taste your drink.

Last but not least, there's  the design. A lever coffee machine also has value as an intrinsic object, to be displayed in a kitchen or on a bar counter. This is where inherent Italian style comes to the fore, with the creation of models that are extremely functional but also pleasing from a purely visual point of view.

Nurri has been a leading brand in the production of professional coffee machines for several years: you can find different models and accessories in its catalog, including Nurri Leva S.A, one of the best machines in the world for all the aspects we've discussed.

Types of lever machines for espresso

Having established the best coffee machine manufacturers, let's ask ourselves another question: which lever machine should you choose? What types does the market offer?

Experts in lever espresso machines already know: not all models are the same.

From a technical point of view, in fact, we need to make a distinction between machines with a spring-loaded piston and those with a manually operated piston.

The former should be considered a middle ground between the fully automatic and manual models: the spring acts as an aid for the manual action of the operator, facilitating handling of the lever.

These machines are therefore the perfect choice for those who are accustomed to automatic machines but want to gradually move towards using manual models.

For those who feel ready to take on a completely manual model, manually operated piston models represent the choice that can give the greatest satisfaction.

Lever machine: ready to choose?

If you are looking for a professional quality lever espresso machine that is capable of producing the highest quality coffee by offering the operator the best control over the brew, Nurri Leva SA is certainly choice best suited to you.

This model is designed to bring the performance of a professional machine directly into your home, and the small but substantial innovations proposed by Nurri make it simple to produce an optimal coffee, not only ensuring a perfect brew but above all giving joy to the operator, who will be able to oversee every stage of coffee preparation with great attention to detail.

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