What are the 3 types of espresso machines?

Espresso is a tradition that no one can resist. The taste of this drink, which quickly conquered Italy, quickly spread to the rest of the world, now constituting a real part of many cultures.

Precisely for this reason, however, the original espresso coffee has been slightly modified according to tastes and different methods of preparation. An essential part of the preparation of the espresso is obviously constituted by the machine used, and these can vary considerably according to the model.

In fact, over time constant changes have been made to the original model: through different variants, real models different from each other have been developed, and each of these is able to provide different functions.

What are the three most common types of espresso machines? Let's look at it together in the following article.

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Types of espresso machines: automatic models

Automatic espresso machines are the most popular in bars, clubs and coffee shops in cities worldwide.

The reason for such success can be easily explained: automatic machines have been gradually improved over the years, and current models are able to produce good quality coffee in rapid quantities.

Let's think about the needs of a regular coffee shop: the barista has to repeat the coffee preparation process over and over again, and that is why machines are needed that can quickly produce many coffees without requiring excessive effort for the user.

Automatic espresso machines are perfect for the purpose, and nowadays they are able to produce a good quality coffee.

Good, but certainly not excellent: to enjoy the taste of tradition, it is necessary to switch to a semi-automatic or lever model.

The different types of espresso machines: semi-automatic models

Semi-automatic coffee machines represent an excellent compromise, a sort of middle ground between automatic and lever machines for the preparation of espresso coffee.

If in the previous case a pump automatically regulated the flow of water through the infusion, in the case of semi-automatic machines this passage takes place through the action of a manual lever, assisted however by the presence of a spring.

The spring, although it is a mechanical and non-electronic aid, allows the user to manage the entire coffee preparation process more easily.
In fact, the lever thus assisted is "guided" during the delicate brewing phase: in this way even a capable barista, but perhaps not the most experienced, is able to prepare an excellent espresso.

A fundamental aspect therefore becomes clear: the semi-automatic espresso coffee machine is the perfect choice for all those who are used to using an automatic model, but want to approach the world of lever machines to enjoy the traditional ritual of coffee preparation.

In average expert hands, then, these models can always allow you to prepare a coffee of excellent quality.

Lever espresso machines

Lever espresso machines are the summation of Neapolitan tradition to enjoy a perfect espresso.
With the manual lever, in fact, it is possible to manage the water pressure during the brewing process, and this aspect is of vital importance for true espresso lovers.

For all intents and purposes, the user is in total control of the coffee making process: to discover all the secrets of this type of machine, you can read our article with the tricks and tips for using a lever espresso machine .

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